consent to medical treatment decisions by SACAT

Consent to medical treatment decisions made by SACAT (under the Consent to Medical Treatment and Palliative Care Act) are subject to a review within SACAT by more senior members and judges.

These are 'Reviews of  SACAT decisions', (and also called 'Internal Reviews'). These cases were formerly dealt with by the District Court on appeal from the Guardianship Board. 

The decision you receive from SACAT will state if it can be reviewed by SACAT. 

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You cannot apply: 

  • for Internal Review of a decision of the Tribunal not to authorise publication of a report of proceedings before the Tribunal

You can apply:

For internal review of a SACAT decision under Part 3A of the Act.

You do not need permission of the Tribunal to apply for Internal Review of decisions made under the Consent Act.

An application can be made for review of a SACAT decision by:

  1. The applicant in proceedings before the Tribunal
  2. The person that the application is about
  3. The Public Advocate
  4. Any person who presented evidence or material or made submissions to the Tribunal in the matter
  5. Any other person who satisfies the Tribunal of a proper interest in the matter