Reviews of SACAT decisions

A SACAT decision will be made in accordance with the law and will generally be either:

  • by agreement of the parties, at a conference, conciliation or mediation
  • by the decision of a tribunal member, at a hearing. 

The tribunal member may or may not say what the decision is during the course of, or at the end of a hearing. The decision will be outlined in a written tribunal order, at the end of a hearing or conference. In some cases the decision will be provided at a later date.

The tribunal order is a formal record of a SACAT decision. It outlines the ‘orders’ of the tribunal member (what parties are required to do, and by when), the ‘findings’(the basis for a decision).

Where a tribunal member makes a decision at a hearing, reasons will also be provided. Reasons can be given either at the hearing or a later time. In most cases, the tribunal member will provide reasons for the decision verbally.