Real Property Act

SACAT reviews certain decisions made by the Registrar-General under the Real Property Act.

SACAT can review decisions of the Registrar-General about:

  • Priority Notices
  • recording, or not recording, an instrument on title to land
  • an application for a foreclosure order
  • an application by a person to have the Registrar-General do, or perform, and act or duty under the Real Property Act.

SACAT does not:

  • automatically suspend the decision of the Registrar-General
  • automatically suspend the operation of a Priority notice or reinstate a Priority notice.

Before applying to SACAT for a review of a decision of the Registrar-General, you must

  • check that the time limit to apply for a review has not passed
  • have a copy of the notice of the decision you want to challenge - you should provide this with your application.

For queries about Real Property Act reviews, or to make an application, contact SACAT.