Applying for a Housing SA review

First you must apply to Housing SA for an Internal Review. If dissatisfied with the outcome, you may apply to SACAT. 

Use the SACAT online form, or seek assistance from SACAT’s community access officers to apply for a Housing SA review. You should also:

  • make sure you do this within the required time limit. (You may seek an extension of time (ask for it in your application) but do not assume that SACAT will necessarily grant an extension.)

  • lodge a copy of your tenancy agreement with the application (where applicable)

  • pay the lodgement fee, or, if appropriate apply for the fee to be waived

What happens next

  • SACAT will set a hearing date and will give you notice of that hearing.  You should attend and may bring a support person. 

  • Before the hearing you will be sent copies of relevant documents, including Housing SA’s response to your application.

  • If you are unable to attend the hearing, wish to ask for an adjournment, or need an interpreter for the hearing, contact SACAT as soon as possible.

  • If there are good reasons, SACAT may agree to conduct the hearing (or part of it) by telephone or video link, but personal attendance is always preferable.

  • Bring to the hearing any rental records, photographs, or other documents that may be relevant.  You will have an opportunity to present your case and to provide information and any supporting evidence to the SACAT member(s).

  • After the hearing, SACAT will consider the facts and come to a decision.  This may be notified to you at the time or within a few weeks.  You will be advised of reasons for the decision.

  • The decision of SACAT is final and there is no further right of appeal. Read more about SACAT hearings.