Public Housing Act

SACAT can review many decisions made by Housing SA.

SACAT reviews decisions of Housing SA where:

  • the decision relates to an assessment of a person’s housing needs or position
  • ​a person has applied to Housing SA for housing assistance, priority housing, rent assistance or other rent or bond concessions
  • the decision affects a tenant of Housing SA or arises under a tenancy agreement where Housing SA is the landlord.

SACAT does not deal with:

  • complaints about neighbours
  • complaints about the policies of Housing SA or the Government
  • complaints about the behaviour of Housing SA or Government staff ( as distinct from decisions made by them)
  • any housing case which is being or can be dealt with by SACAT under the Residential Tenancies Act
  • Any case which is the subject of proceedings before another tribunal or court.

Before applying to SACAT for a review of a Housing SA decision, you must:

  1. Apply to Housing SA for an internal review of the decision 
  2. Check with Housing SA about the time limit within which an application to SACAT can be made.

Organisations that may be able to assist you with Housing SA reviews: