Housing cooperatives and associations

SACAT can review decisions on application from a housing cooperative or association registered under the South Australian Co-operative and Community Housing Act 1991.

 SACAT reviews:

  • acts or decisions of Housing SA under that Act

  • acts or decisions of the Minister under that Act.

Before applying to SACAT you must first apply to the Chief Executive of the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion for the decision to be internally reviewed by Housing SA.  [link to web site].

If the internal review by Housing SA recommends that a decision made by the Minister should be varied or revoked, that recommendation will be referred to the Minister who will reconsider the matter and the Minister’s decision on such reconsideration will be final.

In other cases, an applicant who is dissatisfied by the decision of Housing SA on internal review may apply for an independent review by SACAT.

Time limits

  • An appeal against a decision of the Minister or Housing SA (under the South Australian Co-operative and Community Housing Act 1991) must be lodged within 30 days of the internal review decision being provided to the housing co-operative or housing association.
  • You may seek an extension of time (ask for it in your application) but do not assume that SACAT will necessarily grant an extension.