End of tenancy disputes

The most common dispute at the end of a tenancy or agreement is a claim on the bond and/or a claim for compensation by a landlord or proprietor because a tenant or resident has not returned the property in an appropriate condition when moving out. 

Claims can include rent, water, cleaning and rubbish removal and repairs. If the security bond has not been refunded after the tenancy has ended, then the tenant or resident can apply to SACAT for an order that the bond be repaid. 

In general the same kinds of disputes may arise at the end of a residential parks agreement. 

Abandoned goods

If a tenant or resident abandons a property before the end of a tenancy or agreement, leaving possessions at the property, there may be a dispute about how those possessions are dealt with. 

SACAT can also deal with disputes about abandoned dwellings in residential parks. 


The Residential Tenancies Act was recently amended to include rules about what information can be placed on databases about tenants, when that information must be updated and when it must be removed. SACAT can deal with disputes about database entries for a tenancy.