Domestic violence

Protections for renters

Everyone has the right to feel safe and live in an environment free from violence. Renting laws changed on 10 December 2015 to provide more options to help victims escape domestic violence.

Victims will be able to:

  • stay at the rented home and have the perpetrator leave; or

  • leave the rented premises and be removed from the rental agreement.


Staying will mean applying to the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) to have the perpetrator removed from the rental agreement.


Leaving will mean applying to SACAT to either end your part in the agreement or terminate the agreement altogether.

Other changes will:

  • Empower SACAT to determine that one or more, but not all co-tenants, are liable for compensation to the landlord.

  • Prohibit a tenant’s personal information being listed on a Residential Tenancy Database (tenant’s blacklist) in certain situations of domestic violence. For example, where the damage was caused from an act of abuse against the victim.


If you want to make an application to SACAT follow this link

More information

Factsheet: Preparing for hearing domestic violence cases

For more information about the changes to renting laws please visit

If you are fearful of being subjected to domestic abuse, you should contact your local police station to discuss appropriate responses or apply to the Court for an intervention order. Visit or call 131 444 for patrol assistance, or call 000 in case of emergency.