Housing disputes

SACAT deals with housing disputes in South Australia in relation to residential tenancy agreements, retirement villages, residential parks and rooming houses.

SACAT decides housing disputes between:

•    landlords and tenants about a residential tenancy agreement
•    residents and proprietors about a rooming house agreement
•    residents and operators of ‘no premium’ retirement villages
•    residential park residents and owner / operators

SACAT does not decide: 

•    disputes between tenants
•    disputes about holiday rental agreements
•    disputes between landlords and agents. (These disputes are heard by the Magistrates Court.)
•    residential tenancy or residential park disputes with claims over $40,000
•    commercial tenancy disputes.

SACAT is also able to decide:

Find out more about bringing a dispute to SACAT:

•    Steps in bringing a case to SACAT
•    Applying to SACAT
•    Providing documents
•    Preparing for a hearing

Organisations that may be able to assist you with housing disputes:

Tenancies Branch, Consumer and Business Services
RentRightSA (Formerlly TIAS)
Real Estate Institute of South Australia 
Landlords’ Association (SA)

Relevant legislation