Equal opportunity complaints

Referral of Complaints

A complaint alleging that a person has acted in contravention of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 can be lodged with the Office of the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity. The Office of the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity will attempt to resolve the complaint by way of conciliation. Complaints will be referred to SACAT when the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity:

  • is of the opinion the matter cannot be resolved by conciliation; or
  • has not been able to resolve the matter through conciliation; or
  • is of the opinion that the matter should be transferred to SACAT whether a conciliation has been attempted or not; or
  • has declined to recognise a complaint and the person making the complaint asks for it to be referred to SACAT

What happens after a complaint is referred to SACAT

Upon receipt of a complaint from the Commissioner, the Tribunal will schedule a short hearing at the Tribunal or via the telephone. The purpose of the first hearing is to:

  • hear from the parties as to the state of the application;
  • determine what steps need to be taken and set a time-table for those steps to occur;
  • determine if the matter should go to conference or hearing;
  • schedule dates for future conferences or hearings. 

For more information about hearings and conferences at SACAT click below:

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Hearings - http://www.sacat.sa.gov.au/bringing-a-case/hearings-general