Tips for professionals in health

If you are a medical practitioner or a social worker and you need to deal with SACAT regularly, these tips provide a quick guide to working with SACAT:

  • Provide a frequently checked (generic) email address for the ward/hospital/unit

A hearing notice, and/or other documentation will be sent to the email address provided via the online form or organisational login. Putting down a ward / hospital / unit email address for SACAT correspondence is required so any correspondence can be acted on in time.  If the applicant puts down their personal email address the notice of hearing, final order and other correspondence will go direct to that person’s personal email inbox. If you are a frequent user with a high volume of applications it is suggested that you consider setting up a generic email address especially for SACAT correspondence.         

  • Ensure you submit a medical report form

All applications for guardianship and administration orders must be accompanied by a Medical and psychological report form, which is completed by a medical practitioner or psychiatrist. Please note a hearing date cannot be set until this is received.