Community Stream - engagement updates

SACAT response to the "SACAT Chat" focus groups

  1. Information sessions/workshops
  • The interest in the generic introductory sessions has dropped dramatically. We agree that twice yearly sessions should be adequate and two sessions are now sceduled for 2016. Details have been added to our events page.
  • A number of dates will be offered for on-site workshops/sessions throughout 2016. We have established an online booking service for these sessions. Organisations can book an online session providing they can provide a suitable venue with ICT facilities, and have at least 20 participants. Shared sessions, teleconferencing or video conferencing will be alternative options for smaller organisations who do not have 20 participants.
  • Some feedback indicated a preference for workshops during the Summer period, however our present resourcing cannot accommodate this.
  1. Stakeholder meetings
  • We need to strike a balance between small stakeholder meetings and the larger quarterly information sessions. Our current resourcing does not allow us to hold separate sessions across industry type. We will continue meetings with stakeholders throughout the year to discuss specific issues. We will run two "stakeholder update" meetings throughout the year, in February and August. Stakeholders on our database will be invited to attend these meetings.
  1. Industry contacts
  • Establishing key contacts, especially throughout "health" has been highly challenging for us. We support the idea of getting the SACAT "super-users" to provide us with nominated persons to use as contacts. We will also send letters to the Chief Executive's of the Local Health Networks (and Clinical Directors in Mental Health), asking for key contacts in each section.
  1. Website changes
  • We have created a page on our website called SACAT updates, where we will provide information about key updates and changes. Click on this link to see how we are progressing the ideas from the focus groups. 
  • Where there is a demonstrated need we will produce additional fact sheets. You can find fact sheets here.
  • We will add additional information where we identify gaps.
  1. E-news
  • We will add a summary section at the top of our SACAT-news service. This will help readers identify changes/notifications or feedback that affects them.
  • Changes to the online application will continue to be communicated through SACAT news.
  1. Other
  • We will focus our communications practices and education/information programs on our primary target audiences (SACAT users).
  • We have produced a checklist to assist applicants making online guardianship and administration applications.
  • A SACAT video would be a wonderful tool, but currently isn't a priority. This is something that will be revisited down the track.


SACAT "Chat", information sessions and other communications forums
Focus group discussions with mental health stakeholders on 21 September 2015

Attended by:

  • Office of the Chief Psychiatrist SA
  • Partners in recovery SA
  • Legal Services Commission SA
  • Country Health
  • Southern Adelaide Local Health Network

Click here to review the focus group session feedback.

Prioritisation (top three needs):

  • website changes
  • in-house visits to workplaces
  • accessibility to SACAT staff when problems arise


SACAT "Chat", information sessions and other communications forums
Focus group discussions with guardianship & administration stakeholders on 28 September 2015

Attended by:

  • Public Trustee
  • Disability SA
  • Aged Rights Advocacy Service
  • Disability, Advocacy & Complaints Service of SA Inc

Click here to review the focus group session feedback.

Prioritisation (top four needs):

  • sort out workshop/info session provision
  • refocus e-newsletter
  • look at general communications - regular and quality opportunities for feedback/discussion
  • website additions