A SACAT application can be submitted online using personal computers, tablets and smart phones. You can apply now via our online application form. 


1800 723 767

Users can submit applications over the phone with the help of a community access officer during business hours.


In person 

Applications can be lodged at the public kiosk at SACAT - with assistance available from SACAT staff and volunteers.


When applying, ensure you have read the supporting materials on this website about your kind of issue or dispute. 

Fees and charges

An application fee generally will apply for applications made to the Tribunal. This fee may be waived in certain circumstances.

Further information about fees is available here.

What happens next

When you have successfully lodged your application with SACAT and paid your fee (or established that you are exempt from paying the fee), then you and the other parties will receive notification from SACAT about the conference or hearing. 

The notification will tell you the time, date and place of the session. The notification may be by email, fax or you may receive a notice in the post. If the matter is urgent, then a SACAT officer may contact you by phone to notify you of the hearing details.