SACAT strives to be accessible and responsive to Customer needs, and deals with cases in a large range of areas (or jurisdictions). The Tribunal operates across the state of South Australia and is a key part of the state justice system.

Specifically, SACAT is the place to bring 

  • certain civil law disputes or applications, such as those that relate to landlord / tenant relationships, guardianship and administration, mental health and consent to treatment
  • administrative law disputes or issues, such as requests for reviews of certain Government decisions such as certain public or community housing decisions, or land valuation decisions.

See the 'Types of cases' and 'Reviews of Government decisions' sections of this website for more details on the kinds of cases SACAT deals with.

In addition to traditional hearings, SACAT has a strong emphasis on alternative dispute resolution, using a range of approaches to achieve efficient and fair solutions to disputes and reviews. 

Transforming previous bodies

SACAT opened its doors to the public on 30 March 2015, and took on the work of these former bodies:

  • Guardianship Board
  • Residential Tenancies Tribunal
  • Housing Appeal Panel.

In addition, the Tribunal took on 

  • appeals previously made to the District Court on Guardianship Board and Residential Tenancies Tribunal matters
  • land valuation appeals previously made to the Supreme Court.