Welcome to SACAT 

the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

SACAT is a state tribunal that helps South Australians resolve issues within specific areas of law, either through agreement at a conference, conciliation or mediation, or through a decision of the Tribunal at hearing. SACAT also conducts reviews of Government decisions.​

Current COVID-19 Information

SACAT currently has all reception desks open. The majority of hearings will be conducted by telephone or video. In a small number of cases, only in accordance with public health information and if social distancing is available, SACAT may determine that it will be preferable for there to be physical attendance at SACAT. Please wear a face mask if you attend SACAT in person. You may remove the mask during the hearing to assist with communication but a mask should be worn at other times at the Tribunal.

Please do not attend at SACAT if you have any cold or flu like symptoms and seek a COVID test immediately. SACAT requires all attendees to scan in using our QR code or provide details for contract tracing records as part of providing a COVID safe environment.

If you have documents to submit, please email the documents to sacat@sacat.sa.gov.au For assistance with lodging online applications, please call 1800 723 767 and SACAT staff will assist over the telephone.







Travelling to SACAT?

Please see the SACAT facilities page for further information regarding accessibility. Here are some useful links on how to get to SACAT;

  • ​The CBD Accessibility Map (from Adelaide City Council) will assist in identifying appropriate services and parking  

  • ​The CBD Loading Zone Map (for immediate surrounds to 100 Pirie Street) will assist in identifying nearby drop off and pick up points for parties with mobility restrictions

  • ​The CBD Wayfinding Map (from Adelaide Metro) - will assist in identifying appropriate public transport options (i.e. bus stops, tram stops etc.) 

  • ​The CBD Public Transport Map (from Adelaide Metro) - will assisting in identifying specific bus numbers and where they collect / drop-off