providing documents for housing disputes

This page provides a simple and general checklist to assist you identify what documents you need to lodge with SACAT in support of your application.  More details can be found by clicking on the link to this fact sheet.

Remember that any evidence which you provide to SACAT and which you are asking the tribunal member to take into account must be provided to the other party. If the evidence contains some confidential information which is not relevant, you may ask SACAT to exclude (redact) that information but you will be asked to provide SACAT with a full copy and a redacted copy. 

Simple breach disputes

For all applications –

  • tenancy/rooming house/residential parks agreement
  • notice of breach.

If the application is about rent

Rent calculators are useful for calculating remaining rent. Follow this link to our example and enter your own data.

If the application is about outstanding water invoices –

Serious breach disputes

  • the tenancy/rooming house/residential parks agreement
  • evidence of the breach (eg photos of damage to the property or witnesses about disruptive behaviour).

Hardship applications

  • the tenancy/residential parks agreement
  • evidence of the hardship – for example, if for financial circumstances then payslips or Centrelink payment statements.

Expiration of agreement / frustration

  • tenancy/rooming house/residential parks agreement
  • any notices served on the other party terminating the agreement.

Parties’ rights disputes

  • tenancy/rooming house/residential parks agreement
  • evidence in support of your application – for example
  • emails, letters and SMS messages between the parties about the dispute
  • photos
  • inspection sheets
  • invoices
  • witnesses.

End of tenancy disputes

  • tenancy/rooming house/residential parks agreement
  • if the dispute concerns a claim on the bond and/or for compensation –
    • statement/summary of claims
    • inspection sheets/photos
    • invoices/quotes
    • rent records
    • break lease calculations
    • witnesses.

Retirement village disputes

  • residence agreement
  • written explanation of the issues in dispute
  • any evidence  relevant to the application (such as recent statements of account of the administering authority, emails, letters or other correspondence between the parties) (The Office for the Ageing may assist you in the preparation of your application).


Providing documents for housing disputes - fact sheet