Registration of Lobbyists

SACAT can review decisions in relation to the registration of  lobbyists under the Lobbyists Act 2015.  

SACAT can review decisions where:

  • a person who applies to be registered as a lobbyist has their application for registration refused
  • a lobbyist has their registration cancelled.

SACAT does not:

  • deal with complaints made against lobbyists by members of the public
  • review fines or penalties imposed for breaches of the Lobbyists Act.

Time limits

A request for review of the decision to refuse your application or cancel your registration must be lodged within one month of the date of the decision.

Before applying to SACAT for a review of a decision, you must:

  1. make sure that the time limit for a review of the decision has not passed
  2. make sure you have a copy of the notice of the decision that you want to challenge. 

How to apply:

Call SACAT on 1800 723 767 for details on how to apply, what information must be provided and what fees apply.

SACAT is an independent tribunal that is responsible for hearing your review and SACAT will arrange a conference or hearing as quickly as possible.

Organisations that may be able to assist you:

Relevant legislation