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Dog and Cat Management Act 1995

Reviews of decisions of the Board or local councils regarding destruction, control and prohibition orders in relation to dogs, and decisions to refuse the release of a dog or cat

Emergency Services Funding Levy

Decisions of the Treasurer, Commissioner for State Taxation, and Valuer-General regarding the Emergency Services Levy

Environment Protection

Certain decisions made by the Environment Protection Authority under the Environment Protection Act 1993 in relation to site contamination auditors.


Decisions of the Registrar of Firearms under the including firearms licenses, permits, registrations and prohibition orders under the Firearms Act 2015 


Decisions regarding fishing licences, permits, registrations, authorisations or other authorities

Food Safety

Decisions regarding applications for compensation and approval of laboratories, analysts and auditors under the Food Act 2001.

Freedom of Information

Determinations made under the Freedom of Information Act 1991.

Historic Shipwrecks  

Decisions requiring a person to take action to preserve a historic shipwreck

Housing & Construction Grants

Decisions by the Treasurer or an objection to a grant relating to first home owner grants, housing construction grants and seniors housing grants under the First Home and Housing Construction Grants Act 2000.