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Land Acquisition Act 1969

Review a refusal of an objection by a person authorised to acquire land in relation to a proposed acquisition

Land valuation

Decisions under the Local Government Act or Valuation of Land Act.

Land Agents

Reviews of licensing and other decisions made by the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, and professional disciplinary proceedings against land agents.

Land Valuers

Professional disciplinary proceedings against land valuers


Reviews of certain decisions made by the Chief Inspector of Livestock


Decision in relation to the registration of lobbyists under the Lobbyists Act 2015.

Local Government Act

Reviews of certain decisions made by local councils, disciplinary proceedings again councillors, original jurisdiction to restore a member whose office becomes vacant for failure to submit a return

Mines and works

Reviews of decisions made by the Minister and an inspector requiring the cessation of mining operations

National parks and wildlife

Reviews of decisions of the Minister regarding the issuing of permits relating to protected animals

Pastoral land management and conservation

Reviews of decisions made by the Minister in relation to pastoral leases and other matters, and rent determinations made by the Valuer-General

Partnership Act 1891

Original jurisdiction to allow the Tribunal to grant or refuse permission to a person to carry on a business as general partners to a person who has been convicted of certain offences

Petroleum and Geothermal

Certain decisions made by the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy under the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000 (SA).

Petroleum Products

Certain decisions made by the Minister for Finance under the Petroleum Products Regulation Act 1995 (SA).

Plant Health

Decisions regarding registration as an importer or the accreditation of an area as free of pests under the Plant Health Act 2009.

Police Superannuation Act 1990

Review decisions of the Police Superannuation Board. Original jurisdiction to allow the Tribunal to make a declaration that, on a certain date, persons are putative spouses

Poppy Cultivation

Decisions relating to the issue or holding of a poppy cultivation licence or poppy processing licence under the Controlled Substances Act 1984.

Primary Producers

Decisions regarding accreditation and compliance orders made under the Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) Act 20014.

Public Corporations Act 1993

Review decisions of the Southern Select Super Corporation

Public Housing

Decisions of Housing SA - public housing.