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Adoption Act 1988

Review decisions of the Chief Executive regarding registration on the prospective adoptive parents register

Agricultural and Veterinary

Certain decisions made by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries or an authorised officer under the Agricultural and Veterinary Products (Control of Use) Act 2002 (SA).

Animal Welfare

Decisions regarding the licensing of persons to use animals in teaching, research and experimentation. Decisions regarding acquisition of animals by licence holders for use in teaching, research and experimentation


Decisions regarding Aquaculture licenses


Certain decisions made by the Corporate Affairs Commission under the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 (SA).

Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1996

Review decisions of the Registrar made in the performance of their functions. Original jurisdiction to allow the Tribunal to resolve disputes about a child’s name and direct the register of a death

Children and Young People

Review decisions made by the Chief Executive of the Department of Child Protection. Reviews will be available in relation to decisions about providing information to children, young people, and carers, involving approved carers in decision-making, and voluntary custody agreements

Community Housing - Tenants

Decisions of community housing providers, housing cooperatives and housing associations. Community Housing Providers (National Law) (South Australia) Act 2013.

Community Housing - Providers

Decisions of the Registrar under the National Law, the Minister or Housing SA. Community Housing Providers (National Law) (South Australia) Act 2013.


Reviews of licensing and other decisions made by the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, and professional disciplinary proceedings against conveyancers.


Certain decisions made by the Registrar of Co-operatives under the Co-operatives National Law (South Australia) Act 2013 (SA).

Crown Land Management

Reviews of valuation determinations made by the Minister and/or the Valuer-General, and reviews of other reviewable decisions made by the Minster in relation to Crown Land