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Housing stakeholders


​Check out the latest news link for information on the removal of the right to make an application to vary or set aside a previous tribunal order under section 37 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1995 and section 41 of the Housing Improvement Act 2016


New jurisdictions

On 14 December 2017, SACAT will be conferred jurisdiction under the following acts:

·       Animal Welfare Act 1985

·       Aquaculture Act 2001

·       Emergency Services Funding Act 1998

·       Fisheries Management Act 2007

·       Food Act 2001

·       Historic Shipwrecks Act 1981

·       Plant Health Act 2009

·       Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) Act 2004

·       Safe Drinking Water Act 2011

·       Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997

Under these changes, SACAT will be conferred jurisdiction to review decisions made by different decision-makers. For more information about each new jurisdiction, click the act you would like to learn about in the list above.

Applications of this kind will be handled by SACAT’s Administrative & Disciplinary Stream.


New Fees - from 1 December 2017

Some fees at SACAT are changing from 1 December 2017.


The application fee for a review of decisions under the Local Government Act, Valuation of Land Act and Lobbyists Act will increase to $545 for individuals and $765 for prescribed corporations.


The fees for internal reviews will also increase to $545 for individuals and $765 for prescribed corporations.


A prescribed corporation does not include a not-for-profit organisation, or a small business (that has less than 20 full-time equivalent employees and is not subsidiary of a corporation that has 20 or more full-time employees).


The other fees remain unchanged. From 1 December 2017 you will be able to view the new fees here.


Following on from one of the recommendations of Hon David Bleby QC’s review, SACAT is giving detailed consideration to its waiver and concession policies relating to those fees.