Contacting us

When to contact SACAT 

Contact us:

  • if you want to know whether you can bring your issue or dispute to SACAT
  • if you have queries about processing your case
  • if you have questions about your upcoming hearing or conference
  • if you have queries about access and / or wish to advise us about your special needs

If you need assistance

SACAT cannot provide legal advice.

This includes advice on whether it is a good idea to bring an issue to SACAT or the chances of success of a particular approach.

Organisations that may be able to help you with legal advice or with other support and assistance include:

Contact options

Phone: 1800 723 767

You can contact us Monday to Friday (09:00am to 5:00pm) for all general information or case specific enquiries. Should your call be in relation to advice, please refer to the section above on assistance.


You can use the email address above to contact us, but if you need an urgent response, it would be best to call us on 1800 723 767.

If sending attachments, please limit them to less than 9MB per email due to firewall restrictions. We do not accept responsibility for delays in email transmission. You should keep the original copy of any email sent to us as you may be asked to produce it in evidence.

Postal address: GPO Box 2361 Adelaide SA 5001

​If your message is sensitive or you are seeking a formal response from us, please consider using our postal address.​ All postal correspondence must include a return address.​Should you have any concerns in relation to electronic transmission of information, you may feel more comfortable in using our postal address.


​Please note - depending on the nature of your contact / correspondence and where requested or otherwise outlined, a response may be provided by the same medium in which the initial contact / correspondence was received.



Adelaide CBD: Level 4, 100 Pirie Street, Adelaide 5000









Collinswood: Level 8, 85 North East Road, Collinswood










See also details on our facilities.

After hours - urgent guardianship, mental health and administration cases only

For urgent after hours calls about guardianship, mental health and administration cases, contact the Office of the Public Advocate on 08 8342 8200 for details of their emergency out of hours service. If an urgent hearing is needed, the Office of the Public Advocate will contact SACAT and arrange a hearing time as quickly as possible.