application fee exemptions and waivers

There are no application fees for cases in these areas: guardianship, administration, mental health, consent to treatment, advance care directives, except in Reviews of SACAT decisions (Internal review) if you are not the person that the order is about.

In addition, some applicants may not have to pay fees due to their circumstances. Fees to make an application may be waived if an applicant can: 

 (a) provide one of the following concession cards:

  • Pensioner Concession Card

  • Health Care Card

  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

  • Department of Veterans Affairs Health Card (excluding the DVA Health Card - Orange)

  • Student identification card (full-time students only).

(b) are receiving legal aid

(c) are under 18 years of age

(d) are in prison or detention.

If none of the above applies, and you would like to apply to have your application fee waived on the basis of financial hardship, you can contact SACAT to apply.


It is an offence under the SACAT Act to knowingly provide false or misleading statements for the purpose of seeking relief from fees (refer South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Fees) Regulations 2017 refers.