Fees and charges

SACAT application fees must be paid or waived for an application to be active. 


New fee from:

1 July 2017

Previous fee to:

30 June 2017

SACAT application fee*



Review of a SACAT decision (Internal Review) ^


Transcript charge for the first 30 minutes $173.00 $169.00
Transcript charge for each additional 30 minutes $130.00 $127.00
Audio recordings $24.90 $24.40

* Does not apply for guardianship, administration, advance care directive, consent to treatment and mental health applications
^ Except for Reviews of SACAT decisions (Internal Reviews) where the person who the order is about (guardianship, administration and mental health orders) is making the application. 

For the full list of SACAT fees visit South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Fees) Variation Regulations 2015.


How can I pay for a SACAT application?

You can pay online at the end of the application process with a Visa or MasterCard or they may elect to pay later.  If you elect to pay later,  an invoice will be emailed to you upon completion of the application. The invoice will including a unique payment ID as well as details of the available payment options.

Payment methods

Method Description

Please allow 2-3 business days for BPay payments to be received by SACAT.


The BPay biller code and your payment ID can be found on your invoice.

Credit Card

Mastercard and Visa payment over the phone 08 8125 5958 (24/7 automated service)


Or in person at Level 4, 100 Pirie St, Adelaide

Cash and EFTPOS

In person at:


SACAT, level 4 100 Pirie St, Adelaide

Cheque / money order

In person at Level 4, 100 Pirie Street, Adelaide or post cheques (include your payment ID) to:


South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal,

GPO Box 2361

Adelaide SA 5001

Direct debit Complete the direct debit form to make a payment direct from your account. 

Concessions and fee waivers

No fee is payable for applications in relation to matters of guardianship, administration, mental health, consent to treatment and advance care directives.. Holders of concession and student cards may be eligible for a fee reduction, as may other applicants in exceptional circumstances find out more.