Please note: SACAT fees increase on 1 July 2016

You are about to make an online application to SACAT.

Before starting your application you will need the required documentation. Your application may not be listed by SACAT until all documentation is received.

Do not start your application until you have all required documentation. If a fee is payable, it must also be paid or eligibility for a fee waiver provided. Upload the documentation at the end of the online application form.

What documentation do you need?

For guardianship, administration, mental health, advance care directive or consent to medical treatment applications, follow this link to check which documentation is required. Print this checklist to assist you with information needed for guardianship and administration applications.

For housing and tenancies applications follow this link to see the types of documentation you must provide. If your tenancy application concerns domestic violence follow this link for more information.

To review a government decision please scan and upload a copy of the decision you wish to have reviewed.

Got all your documentation?

Now you are ready to start your online application. Click on the online application link below.

Online application form