Tribunal members

Members of SACAT conduct hearings and conferences, conciliation and mediation to resolve issues for members of the South Australian community. 

Reflecting the diversity of our community and the issues our users face, SACAT’s Tribunal Members are from a range of professions and backgrounds. They include lawyers, psychiatrists, people with a social welfare or nursing background, people with a public sector background and accredited mediators. SACAT has members from non-English speaking backgrounds, those that have experience with and knowledge of disability, mental illness, and other barriers faced by SACAT users.  

The role of the Tribunal Member at a hearing or conciliation is to uphold the law and to uphold the values of the Tribunal: respect for the law, fairness, independence, respect for persons, diligence and efficiency, integrity and accountability and transparency.

Judicial Member

Justice Judy Hughes, President

Executive Senior Members

  • Barbara Johns  
  • Jacqui Rugless
  • Mark Stevens

Dispute Resolution Coordinator and Deputy Registrars

  • Michele Player-Brown, Deputy Registrar, Alternative Dispute Resolution 
  • Chris Byron-Scott, Deputy Registrar 
  • Dona Attard, Deputy Registrar
  • Snezana Savic, Deputy Registrar

Current sitting Members

Ms M Alvino

Ms J Bakas

Ms K Bean

Dr M Berg

Ms A Bills

Ms L Clark

Ms J Cowdroy

Dr D Coyte

Ms C D'Arcy

Ms M Demosthenous

Mr P Duffy

​Ms J Dunstone

Ms A Faulkner

Mr A Files

Ms J Forgan

Dr M Fuller

Mr S Georgiadis

Ms L Gilfillan

Dr J Gipslis

​Ms S Gooch

Mr T Griffin

Ms D Gursansky

Mr B Harvey

Ms L Hastwell

Dr J Hundertmark

​Mr A Hunter

Mr J Irving

Mr M Kennedy

Ms A King

Dr J Lammersma

Mr A Lazarevich

Ms C Lester

Ms R Maerschel

Ms H Mares

Ms K McEvoy

Ms J McGrath

Ms K Millar

Ms A Moroney

Mr M Murphy

Prof D Parker

Ms J Petrie

Mr N Rainford

Dr G Rawson

Ms J Richardson

Ms K Ryan

Mr R Schroeder

​Mr E Stratton-Smith

Dr D Watson