Executive Senior Members

SACAT's Executive Senior Members lead each of the Tribunal’s streams and join President, Justice Judy Hughes; Deputy President (currently vacant) and Principal Registrar, Anne Lindsay in the leadership team.

Executive Senior Member - Housing and Civil Stream - Barbara Johns

Barbara Johns leads the Housing and Civil Stream at SACAT, which will deal with landlord / tenant and similar housing or residential matters, including residential parks and retirement village disputes, and may later deal with consumer disputes. 

In the lead-up to commencing with SACAT, Barbara has been Presiding Member of the Residential Tenancies Tribunal. Barbara has held positions in private practice, as well as in Government. Barbara is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Vice Convener of the South Australian Chapter of the Council of Australasian Tribunals.

Barbara says that she has found tribunal work rewarding because it provides a decision making process which is accessible, quick, informal and affordable. She says that part of this approach is to deal with disputes according to their substantial merits (and the law) without becoming ‘bogged down’ in procedural irregularities, while still applying the rules of procedural fairness.

Executive Senior Member - Community Stream - Jacqui Rugless

Jacqui Rugless leads the Community Stream at SACAT, which will deal with mental and physical health related matters such as guardianship and administration orders, advance care directives, consent to medical treatment and mental health treatment orders, and later equal opportunity, sexual reassignment and other matters.

During her legal career Jacqui has specialised in criminal and administrative law with an individual rights protection focus (child protection; consumer protection; employee protection and the protection of patient rights by her focus on maintaining the professional standards of health practitioners). She most recently held the role of Acting Assistant Crown Solicitor, Administrative and Environment Section. In this, and in her former position, Jacqui managed the area that handled merit reviews of administrative decisions to the District Court including a range of appeals from the Guardianship Board to the District Court. She also advised a diverse range of government decision makers to enable them to make sound and fair decisions, observing the principles of natural justice.

Jacqui has also specialised in health related law and for many years she provided advice and representation to the state and national health professional statutory boards mainly in the conduct of disciplinary proceedings. 

Jacqui has a keen interest in promoting clear and accessible communication in legal writing and decision making.  She has taught ‘Plain English for Law’ through the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and at a private law firm in Hong Kong. 

Executive Senior Member - Administrative and Disciplinary Stream - Mark Stevens 

Mark Stevens leads the Administrative and Disciplinary Stream at SACAT, which will deal with reviews of decisions made by Government, including public housing appeals, land valuation matters and freedom of information appeals; as well as some professional and occupational disciplinary matters. 

Mark was previously Assistant Crown Solicitor in the South Australian Crown Solicitor’s Office and responsible for the leadership and management of the Administrative and Environment Section of the Crown Solicitor's Office for a period of 20 years until July 2014. This was the culmination of a term of 37 years of service in the SA Crown Solicitor’s Office throughout which period Mark appeared regularly as counsel in a wide variety of courts and tribunals. 

Mark has vast experience in the conduct of professional disciplinary proceedings and the review of Government administrative decisions. He sees the establishment of SACAT as an opportunity to enhance consistency, fairness and timeliness in dealing with such matters and to ensure that review proceedings are easily accessible to all members of the community.