leadership and members

SACAT’s organisational structure is established in law, and the Tribunal is led by a President who is a Supreme Court judge, and a Deputy President who is a judge of the District Court. As well as leading and guiding the operation of the Tribunal, and managing the business of the Tribunal, the President and Deputy President also conduct hearings on certain matters and reviews. The Tribunal registry is led by the Principal Registrar, who assists the President in the administration of the Tribunal and its day-to-day business. 

President - Justice Judy Hughes

The Hon Justice Judy Hughes was appointed as a Judge of the Supreme Court and President of the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal on 4 July 2017. 

Justice Hughes was born and raised in Adelaide and graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1991 with an Honours degree in Law and a Bachelor of Arts specialising in philosophy and politics.  Her early career was spent working in private legal practice and for Government at the Crown Solicitor’s Office.  She has also undertaken policy development roles within Government, worked in the Attorney-General’s Office.  Between 2000 and 2006, she was Deputy Commissioner for Consumer and Business Affairs and in that role was closely involved in real estate reforms, industry regulation, incorporated associations and consumer law.

Justice Hughes returned to work with the Crown Solicitor’s Office in 2006 as an Executive Solicitor, managing a team of lawyers in the areas of State taxes, freedom of information, and judicial review of administrative decisions.  She was appointed Crown Solicitor in April 2017, overseeing an office of 280 staff, before being appointed to the Supreme Court and as President of SACAT. 

Justice Hughes is the second President of SACAT with Justice Greg Parker having served as the inaugural President from his appointment in November 2013 until his return full time to the Supreme Court in July 2017.

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