Complaints and Unreasonable Complainant Conduct

SACAT's Complaints Policy outlines how the Tribunal records, manages and responds to complaints which it receives.

In making a complaint to the Tribunal, SACAT expects that complainants:

  • provide all relevant information; and
  • are respectful and courteous.

SACAT's Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Policy sets out the Tribunal's position in relation to management of unreasonable complainant conduct.

The Judicial Conduct Commissioner (the Commissioner) is an independent statutory officer appointed under the Judicial Conduct Commissioner Act 2015 (JCC Act). The Commissioner receives and deals with complaints made about the conduct of serving judges, magistrates and other judicial officers which includes complaints about the conduct of SACAT's President and Deputy Presidents who are both serving judges.

SACAT's senior and ordinary members are not judicial officers and are not subject to the JCC Act. Please see SACAT's Complaints Policy for the process which applies for complaints about SACAT members.

To find out more about the Judicial Conduct Commissioner and the process for making complaints about the conduct of judicial officers see